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Can My Child Still Get Speech Therapy During Covid-19?

Wow! What a crazy road we are all trying to navigate! I dare to say that none of us has ever lived through a pandemic, and I hope that none of us ever do again! This is an unprecedented time of uncertainty and confusion. So many of us, our friends, and our love ones are unable to work. We can't do the things we normally might do. We can't get our dental check-up, we can't get our hair done, we can't dine-in at our favorite restaurants, we can't get a manicure. But our children are also facing never-before-seen impacts on their lives. I have two teenage boys, so they are able to "get it", but still, they are tired of going to school through Google Chrome, they miss their friends, they wish they could go to parties. They miss clubs and dances and sports. My youngest will miss all of the celebrations that usually come with completing middle school. All of our kids miss "normal". This has more of an impact on some than others, as normal may include therapies through schools or clinics that your child can no longer attend. As parents, we do not want to let any time slip by in which our child might not be learning & progressing. Because I have a home-based practice and deliver services to children with developmental disorders, I have been deemed both nationally and by the Commonwealth of Kentucky to be an "essential worker", requiring me to maintain social distancing (when able) and to abide by the CDC recommendations for sanitizing. I am also offering teletherapy. Services can now be provided through Face Time, Skype, Zoom, etc. Your child can continue to progress. Please contact us to find out how we can help your child continue to succeed!

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