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"Jill King: Our Speech and Language partner, friend and hero…


Our family, like many others who have children with complicated speech and language disorders, were overwhelmed upon hearing the diagnosis that our 3-year-old son had Speech Apraxia. Upon receiving the diagnosis, we knew nothing about Apraxia. Not how to pronounce it, understand clearly what it was – and most certainly, not fully able to process the emotions that we were experiencing hearing the news. Once we grieved enough, learned enough, and researched enough, we began to take action. Our first step was finding a speech therapist. We, like many others, started at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital because they initially diagnosed Luke and are known for excellence. While there, we found that the clinicians were well trained but very inexperienced in working with Apraxia. So, the real search began. We were stubborn, particular and very determined to find a local experienced speech therapist that specialized in Apraxia. Almost 7 years ago, we found Jill King.

Our family has never looked back. Jill initially worked with a non-verbal 3-year-old Luke – then, a grunting Luke, on to a partially verbal Luke – and, finally, a fully verbal Luke. To see Jill naturally connect with our son at every communication phase was and continues to be magical. Jill often explained the mechanisms behind the disorder so that we could understand the goals which allowed us to support him at home. In the end, Luke is a happy, healthy, fully verbal boy who is going in the 4th grade. While he continues speech with Jill to perfect his articulation, it does not get in his way with making friends or feeling good about who he is. Which, in the end was our goal - to help our son find his voice while building and maintaining a strong self-esteem. Jill is a major part of that being Luke’s reality today. We fully and whole-heartedly recommend partnering with Jill for your family’s speech and language support. If your experience is anything like ours, you will one day come to see her as a priceless partner to have on your journey.


We are very grateful parents!


"Miss Jill is very accessible and quickly helped us identify the areas of concern and how to work with our son's phonological disorder.  Her inclusion of the family has been an important part in his therapy plan. Miss Jill has a way with kids.  She is patient, attentive, and the kids feel very comfortable with her.  As parents, we are encouraged by our child's progress through therapy and how he loves to go to the sessions.  Our whole family loves Miss Jill. She's the best in our book!"


We started seeing Ms. Jill with our oldest son. He was struggling with stuttering and a phonological disorder. She made each visit fun for him while working hard on addressing the issues. The best part, and something we pay attention as a parent, was that he always looked forward to his sessions with Ms. Jill. Currently, our oldest son still attends therapy with Ms. Jill for some residual articulation issues, and our toddler started sessions due to an expressive language delay. When we realized our youngest son had some communication delays we did not have to think twice on who we wanted him to work with. He really enjoys his sessions and, like his older brother, loves Ms. Jill. We highly recommend her as a Speech Therapist. She is organized, structured, knowledgeable, and very accommodating. Her willingness to work with our crazy family of 6 schedule is a big plus!

Hector B.

Jill helped our 8 year old with some speech concerns that were identified by school. She was so good with him. It was corrected and he thoroughly enjoyed working with her!

Niki H.

"Jill King has been an amazing speech therapist for our daughter with apraxia. Jill has worked with her since she was 2 and the results have been astounding!  He treatment approach is innovative, creative, and engaging.  Our child has responded incredibly well to Jill's approach.  We definitely credit her with our daughter's current speech skills, development, and overall ability to communicate. We recommend her services wholeheartedly and are so thankful to have found such a dedicated, amazing speech pathologist".

Tory O.

"I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Jill King.  Jill has been my son's speech pathologist for a few years.  Her expertise and commitment have made it possible for my son's success and motivation to want to achieve in becoming an effective communicator.  As a result, my son's new ability to express himself in different capacities is amazing. I honestly believe in my heart that Jill is responsible for my son's ability to communicate effectively. Words can't express how I feel about the work she is doing with my precious son.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart.  As a parent, sometimes you can't provide your child with every single want and need.  Sometimes you have to step out of yourself and get help.  As a result, I am glad I did. I appreciate Jill for her patience, loving ways, nurturing demeanour, guidance based on expertise, and genuinely caring about my son."

Tara M.

Jill, Jill, Jill you are amazing! I would like to share the reasons why I feel this way. When my son was younger... he would do lots of gesturing, pointing or crying if we were unable to understand what he needed us to know. I thought maybe he needed more time to develop more words. Maybe more story time interactions with peers his age. Also, people would ask my son to repeat his words or say I don't think I understand what he is saying. I knew my son needed help. As his parent...I was very concerned, because it was not the help that I could provide. This is how I met Jill. Jill has been my son's speech pathologist for a few years. Jill's expertise and techniques made it possible for my son to be an effective communicator. Jill's ability to take my child from where he was to where he needed to be is nothing less then extraordinary! Jill was able to reach my child in ways I could not. Now, my son is able to speak clearly and precisely in any capacity. He is proud, confident, eager and excited about his progress. My son loves Jill. This makes me cry happy tears. I love the way Jill has worked with my son. Jill gave my son an opportunity to experience the foundation of communication. Thank you!!

Lamure M.

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