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Speak Up with Miss Jill

Hi, I'm Miss Jill. I'm an SLP who specializes in severe Speech Disorders, including Verbal Apraxia, Phonological Disorders, and Articulation Disorders.

I create articulation and phonological resources that:

• Get maximum repetitions during drills

• Are evidence-based

• Are fun and motivating

• Are effective

Final T + SH = Final CH_edited.jpg


FLASHCARDS: Minimal Pairs Final T + SH = CH

Use these simple word equation flashcards

as minimal pairs to teach children

the "ch" in final position.

Smash Mats

Smash Mats are a fun and engaging way

to reinforce your therapy targets with your students!
All of my kiddos love them and

are highly motivated when we get them out!

Break out the Play-Doh & smash your way

to great speech and language!

Articulation Smash Mats 1.png
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