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The Nitty Gritty of Treating Apraxia

My last two patients have come to me because they happened to find my webiste and live in more rural areas that don't have a ton of options outside of their schools for speech therapy, much less, someone who specializes in apraxia. Their biggest "complaints" are that the school therapist doesn't really seem to know that much about apraxia; that they don't communicate enough with parents/give them homework; that they get too few sessions and/or in group sessions. These parents are right to be concerned! First of all, finding a therapist who specializes in Childhood Verbal Apraxia is important because its treatment is far different than other speech disorders. Secondly, you do need someone who is willing to be sort of "project manager" & lead the team of professionals who will work with your child. According to research, the most effective approach to therapy for children with apraxia is short sessions throughout the week. This is not usually practical, so your therapist must provide you with daily homework. Your therapist must target vowels and supra--segmental speech (i.e., rate, intonation, pitch, volume). All of this is initial plan of care. If you are concerned that this type of information was not shared at your initial evaluation or that your child's therapy is not following these guidelines, please call me.

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