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Thanksgiving Break doesn't Mean Speech Break

I have practically cursed (OK, maybe not practically, maybe actually) at anyone who has spoken to me about the holidays. Um.... last weekend I was in a T-shirt cleaning out the garage, so pretty sure it's still summer. But then... people had to be all "look at the calendar"; "we're halfway through November"; "blah... blah... blah". Then Charlie Brown's teacher (oh, and also some of my real-life teacher friends) snapped me back into reality with sheer delight about how "Thanksgiving break" was coming! What do I do? I break out my twenty year old "Thanksgiving Unit"... that has NEVER let me down & think, "OK, I'll see them in a couple weeks." Hey, I'm a mom, I'm a woman... I need a break too. And so do our kiddos, who take on more than some of their classmates by also having speech therapy. But, here's the secret that most speech therapists have to live by (we hide all the work within fun). So, Tom the Turkey is going to join you all on your Thanksgiving break if you don't mind. He has fun ways to incorporate speech & language into the break... and your kids will think it's "just gravy"!

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