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Celebrate Milestones with Speech Therapy Graduation Certificates

At Foundation Communication, we are all about celebrating milestones! Big or small (and sometimes even the smallest of milestones is HUGE)! I know how hard we expect our children to work (and we expect the same of ourselves). Celebration may be an unplanned, jumping-up-and-down happy dance when a kiddo is suddenly successful in producing an R, but we SLPs are often looking at that plan of care! So, a child’s goals are met, and there is certainly the need for not only recognition but also, REWARD!

I have always hosted a little therapy graduation celebration for my students who have met all of their goals and are discharged from speech therapy. They deserve this. They have worked so hard. Their parents deserve this because they certainly have to. These little parties are a recognition of not only this hard work but also, an appreciation of personal achievement. Not only for the child and their families but, quite honestly, for us as professionals. It is the most bittersweet of feelings to have one of your clients graduate from speech therapy. Any SLP will tell you that the bond you form with your kiddos and families is real. Spending so much time together and joining to meet the same objectives, is a very bonding experience. So, while the ultimate goal is to never have that child need you again, you are often saying goodbye forever. After an often long and emotional journey, goodbye is the epitome of “you did it”!

For a child’s final visit in speech therapy, I do it up right! There are balloons and cake! The child gets to choose the game or activity they would like, and we play throughout the session! There are cards, tears, and pictures! Most of these will not last. Still, I like to offer something for the scrapbook. My kiddos always receive a certificate of accomplishment. YOU DID IT… and here is the proof!

I have enjoyed creating speech therapy graduation certificates for my little speakers. I would love for you to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers site to check out my themed certificates. Grab your done-for-you certificate and share them with your little graduates!

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