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Building Blocks of Life

I did a presentation once, where my initial question was to ask for audience participation. I wanted to know, "If you had to pick one thing that is the foundation for a good quality of life, what would that be?" I got many answers... love, family, money, success. I challenged my respondents to think deeper. I suggest that the ability to COMMUNICATE effectively is not only at the heart of love, family, money, success, etc., etc., etc., but is also the KEY to quality of life! Think about it, if you can't understand or express yourself effectively, you likely will have a very difficult time making social relationships, finding friendships and/or love, reaching academic goals, climbing up the professional ladder. COMMUNICATION IS KEY! Language learning begins the moment we are born & takes root during the first five years of our lives. If obstacles exist that impede natural speech and language acquisition, early intervention is a must! Failure to receive intervention literally risks quality of future life & success. Nearly 70% of children between the ages of 2 and 17 with some type of communication disorder go untreated. This is so sad to me. There are so many places to find help. Early intervention programs, schools, local agencies, and private practices. Do not let children who need treatment go untreated.


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